4 Tips to reduce Email Unsubscribes

Most people become tagged as unsubscribers because of the initial bombardment of emails that cause them to be unresponsive. This unresponsiveness can be due to a variety of reasons but the most common one would be simply being fed up with unwanted solicitation or thinly veiled sales pitches.
Therefore, in order to limit the situation, one should be wary of causing potential respondents from being unresponsive.
Getting them to stay here are some ways to adapt to limit the unsubscribers:

1. Keep all emails on the topic promised. If there is a need to insert other material keeping it brief would be prudent. The visitor is probably only visiting the site for specific reasons and does not want to be deluged with other non-related issues.

2. Using the personalized address system in the autoresponder will create the illusion of making the individual feel special and respected. The use of names is a good tool to exploit and cannot be overdone or overemphasized.

3. Limiting the number of emails sent in a week to about two or three would be ideal. Too many emails with the same content would not only become a nuisance to the receiver but the information would be redundant too. Too many emails will overwhelm the receiver and thus eventually cause them to be unresponsive. Allowing customers to choose the frequency of emails sent to them will also encourage better relationships. The customer perceives the sender to be professional and committed.

4. Avoid hard-selling at the onset of the email exchange. Directing the subscriber to the website where an informative and in-depth presentation can be viewed will allow the viewer to feel more comfortable and convinced to sign on. The website material should be designed to sufficiently “sell” the featured items. However, it should be noted that keeping a longer period between emails sent is also not encouraged as the idea is to keep the website relevant to the subscriber.